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About Us

We connect travel & tourism suppliers and destination marketers with tour planners, product managers and industry buyers to create incredible guest experiences that incorporate new things to do, places to visit and the tools needed to make each trip successful. 



A mighty blaze grows from a tiny spark...

Starting out in business on ones own is never without risk. Thankfully, Fire Starter Brands' founder sees solutions where others may only see challenges. Longtime travel industry executive and trade sales professional Stephen Ekstrom launched Fire Starter Brands in 2010 with a vision that encapsulates key values: Honesty, Integrity, Innovation, Dedication and Results.

Turning first to his demonstrated audience development expertise with attractions, cultural institutions, restaurants and performing arts, and then cultivating a proven track record in the destination marketing and transportation industries, Stephen has built Fire Starter Brands into the leading niche marketing company that has earned the tour & travel community's respect for its foresight, candor, fairness and ability to produce long-lasting results. 

I’m thrilled by our relationship with Fire Starter Brands. They pick up where the trade associations are missing, creating a snowball effect.
Everything we learn from their partners helps us over and over again.
— Denise, Metro Tours

Expertise in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Fire Starter Brands' programs have influenced millions of guest experiences within all segments of the travel industry - destinations, attractions, hotels, restaurants, resorts, management companies, trade associations, worldwide brands, local concepts, theatrical productions, meeting and incentive, leisure, group, independent, educational and both domestic & international travel.

Our comprehensive understanding of these unique industries represents that we are well-positioned to help our clients ignite new interest and reach deep into pockets of opportunity. Our mastery of understanding consumer tastes - a key element in driving tour & travel buying decisions - multiplies the advantage we bring to our unified marketing solutions. 

Expertise in Implementation - Strategic Planning, Marketing, Trade Media Relations, Partnership Development, Lead Qualification & Generation, Campaign Execution

We believe that projects well done are more valuable than objectives well said. After being asked for years to help clients develop the right product, engage local partners, craft strategic plans and aid with the implementation of those initiatives, we thought... let's launch a comprehensive data management system and see just how much we can deliver to our clients. Within the first three months, we'd delivered more than 500 pre-qualified leads to industry suppliers and destination marketers. 

Our implementation team produces each pro-active initiative with three goals in mind: do it well, do it better than anyone else and provide tools to help clients measure the results.

Oddly Helpful Talents

A cool breeze, laptop and wifi connection can only do so much to express the excitement one feels when creating new memories earned while traveling. We've rolled up our sleeves and learned a few new skills in our efforts to help clients better communicate their guest experiences.

Not only do we bake some delicious cookies, but we have also learned to perform side-show tricks, direct a herd of camels, descend from great heights at record speed, brew beer, conduct electricity, judge state fair livestock, perform horrible drag, impersonate Beyonce, locate a Santa Clause who's no taller than 4'9", officiate weddings, wrestle gators and tell some pretty wretched yo mama jokes.


Proud Members...

As members of the associations noted below and, on our own accord, we’ve taken a pledge to uphold the highest standards of excellence, ethics and integrity while working to help strengthen, grow and enhance consumer travel experiences and the professional travel & tourism industry.

Memorable moments with Fire Starter Brands

Here's a collection of some of our favorite recent work-related moments. These include onsite presentations with product managers, chats with presidential candidates, relationship building experiences with industry leaders, bringing fresh flowers to buyers, run-ins with Greg Brady and, of course, puppy love. There isn't an angle we won't cover when helping our clients reach their goals.