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How to Track ROI - Direct Mail

By Stephen Ekstrom | President, Fire Starter Brands

We are all under more pressure to demonstrate that the programs we plan and execute are producing measured results for our companies. 

Here are a couple great techniques you can use to track response rates from your direct mail pieces...


Include unique identifiers in your Call-to-Act so that it is easy for you to track responses and measure your direct mail marketing success. Below are a few tips on ways to track your direct mail marketing campaign:

QR Codes: QR Codes in marketing is starting to gain traction. The fastest way to get a QR Code is over at QR Stuff (free) or Custom QR Codes (stylish designs). QR Codes act as a bridge between direct mail and digital content. You can also receive scan analytics when you opt for a premium account.

URL: As with a unique QR code, you need a unique web page for each campaign to measure analytics.

Coupons: To track responses as people redeem your coupons, make sure you create a unique code on the coupons used for a particular direct mail campaign.

Phone Call: As with URLS and Coupons, use a special phone number where your audience can reach to and provide a unique identification code imprinted on the mailer as a part of the order intake process.

Text Message: Text messaging is the easiest way to respond since you neither have to create a special code or set up a unique landing page. Your audience simply needs to enter the unique code from the mailer to respond to your campaign.