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Direct Mail

Direct mail continues to be one of the most effective tools for sharing brand messages, product announcements and striking calls to act with high volume travel planners and decision makers.


Direct Mail

— Mary, Liberty Science Center

According to Fire Starter Brands' annual operator survey, 69% of tour operators have indicated that they are likely to act upon information they receive via postal mail. The initiatives below are specifically designed to help industry suppliers and destination marketers leverage Fire Starter Brands' proprietary network of operators, customized filter options and the benefits that come from delivering a tactile piece that has a guaranteed 5 second impression before being thrown out, stored for later or kept for immediate use. 


Private Label Postcards

Postcards continue to be one of the most effective methods for delivering an announcement, call to act, feature statement or seasonal summary.

Fire Starter Brands makes it easy to put your piece in the hands of decision makers. Simply provide us with the print ready artwork in digital format; our simple pricing includes high-quality full color, full bleed digital printing, delivery to the mail house, processing fees and first class postage within the US & Canada to a list of 700-850 decision making contacts specifically chosen from our network based on the criteria you've indicated and our knowledge of those most likely to respond.



Delivering over 6,000 impressions each year, the Fire Starter Brands quarterly direct mail program is perhaps the travel industry's most cost-effective tool to deliver year-round impressions, maintain brand awareness and ensure that marketing efforts are reaching the intended high-volume targets. 

Quarterly participation includes distribution of an 8.5x11" flyer to the 700 highest volume operator companies in North America via first class mail in a stunning, eye catching and easily recognized package. In addition to wholesale rates for printing/delivery to the mail house, participants are able to download a collection of samples, tips and submit their piece for complementary design review before printing. 

The distribution list includes buyers of all types including wholesale, receptive, FIT and group tour operators that offer services to the student, adult, meeting/incentive & leisure markets that are sorted based on overall annual volume and must have opted-in, acknowledging an interest in finding new things to do and places to visit. 

Organizations featured inside the mailing are also highlighted on Fire Starter Brands' signature "What's Hot" list that serves as a third party review of the products, services and activities offered by our clients. The operator incentive and packet call to action has allowed Fire Starter Brands to track engagement rates that exceed 20%, making this one of the most widely utilized direct mail tools in the industry. 

Upcoming Feature Editions:

February - Educational Experiences

May - International Appeal

August - Eating Well

November - Cultural Exchange


Customized Mailings

Capture the hearts, minds and attention of industry leaders by sending your promotional, seasonal or holiday items to a targeted list of recipients from Fire Starter Brands' proprietary network. 

Past projects have included calendars, product catalogs, holiday greetings, flip flops, sweets, shrunken heads and much more. Each project is customized to meet the needs of our clients. For some direct mail inspiration, take a look at this list of 21 items you might not know you can mail.


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