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Our Network

Fire Starter Brands maintains the travel industry's most comprehensive network of industry buyers, suppliers and destination marketers. 


Fire Starter Brands' outreach activities and physical presence in the marketplace may only be surpassed by our back-of-house support systems. Take a look at how we make that possible...


Our Network

Fire Starter Brands' outreach activities and physical presence in the marketplace may only be surpassed by our back-of-house support systems. Through these innovative and proprietary systems Fire Starter Brands' team is able to maintain solid relationships and influence thousands of tour & travel industry decision makers. Take a look at how we make that possible...

Each year, more than 500,000,000 individual passengers are influenced by more than 5,000 pre-qualified product managers, tour operators and high-volume planners from all around the world that have chosen to be part of our network. The contacts have expressed a hunger for new product, destinations and authentic experiences  by opting in to receive communications from Fire Starter Brands.

The supplier network managed by Fire Starter Brands includes nearly 15,000 service providers & destination marketers that are eager to welcome more visitors.

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Proprietary Systems

Fire Starter Brands has invested an incredible amount of time, energy and resource into developing the industry's most comprehensive data management systems. With these tools at hand, our team is able to deliver meaningful content to targeted groups of buyers, media contacts, influencers and marketers of all types. 

Data-driven and solutions-based, Fire Starter Brands is able to execute detailed and comprehensive lead development, qualification and material delivery tasks seamlessly to a variety of constituent groups.


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Sort & Filter Options

Fire Starter Brands is the only organization that can identify the right recipients for our clients' messaging. With nearly 150 data points on each organization in our network, we can deliver wide-reaching brand awareness campaigns and micro-targeted calls to act for our clients.

Sort and filter criteria include: areas of consumer origin (by state & country), top destinations both domestic and international, end consumer age ranges, operator sales methods (FIT, pre-formed group, retail tour packages, wholesale, etc), product interests (luxury, value, adventure, performance, etc.), trade affiliations and trade show participation, company size by number of employees and number of passengers moved annually, primary office locations and MUCH, MUCH, more. 


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Thousands of Industry Buyers - Domestic & international

We are compulsively driven to maintain the most detailed and accurate network of travel industry buyers ever assembled. These buyers represent hundreds of millions of passengers originating from and traveling to destinations within North America and around the globe. 

78% of individual contacts indicate that they are decision makers within their respective organizations. Each has expressed an interest in finding new things to do and places to visit by opting in to receive content from Fire Starter Brands, our partners and clients. 

The travel companies represented in our network are members of a variety of trade associations including ABA, SYTA, OMCA, NTA, IITA, USTOA, etc. Designees from these organizations have participated in a number of international and domestic trade shows that include IPW, La Cumbre, RTO Summits, JATA Tourism Expo, ABAV International Tourism Fair, ITB, Travel South and many, many more. 

The consumers served by these buyers include leisure, student, senior, independent, group, meeting, incentive, performance, adventure, budget, luxury, day trip and extended stay travelers. 

Proprietary tools allow us to target messaging to those buyers who are most likely to benefit from and respond to outreach from industry suppliers and destination marketers anywhere in the world.


Unparalleled Supplier Connections

Our proprietary network extends beyond industry buyers to include over 12,000 destination marketers and service providers that directly benefit from the hundreds of referrals, leads and requests for content that Fire Starter Brands is called upon to provide each month.

Resource providers in this category include local, state, regional and national tourism boards, conventions & visitor bureaus and government promotion agencies, independent, national brand and hotel management companies, restaurants, attractions of all varieties and cultural institutions that showcase incredible art, music, theater, and much more.


Personal Relationships

To understand the value of personal relationships in the tour & travel industries, one must first recognize that the travel planner, product manager or tour operator puts both their company and personal reputations at jeopardy with each destination they offer, vendor chosen and referral given. A great price, fresh product and endless ability to overcome objections will not guarantee new visitors until the decision maker trusts that each of their guests will be well taken care of and satisfied by the experiences created by each service provider. 

Fire Starter Brands' leadership has established incredible personal relationships with these buyers through shared travel experiences, client/vendor interactions, home dinner parties, getaway weekends together and sincere friendships that have been built over 15+ years serving this industry.

Our approach is that one must be a friend to have a friend. We take that seriously by making sure each person we come across feels accepted, welcomed, relieved to know and can confide in Fire Starter Brands.