Ask the Right Questions

There are countless techniques that sales people use to close deals and land new opportunities. The best we've found is to ask the right questions.

An article posted by lists 25 that help provide insight, direction and key talking points while engaging the buyer.  

Here are the top 10...

  1. What has been your growth the last three years?

  2. What is your vision for the future?

  3. What has changed most about your business in the last ___ year(s)?

  4. What do your customers most value about your company?

  5. How are you organized now?

  6. What are the biggest challenges you are facing?

  7. How will these challenges affect you?

  8. What problems have you been experiencing?

  9. How much will you be impacted financially if this continues?

  10. What financial benefits would you realize if you could ________?

Once you've got the key questions down, make time to meet with the buyers, listen to their responses and take the time to demonstrate how your product can help solve their problems.

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