Summer Productivity-Fairy Tale or Reality?

Sand in your toes, ice cold lemonade in hand, family vacations, grilling, outdoor dining...  All signs that summer is in full swing.

People don’t notice if it’s winter or summer if they’re happy.
— Anton Chekhov

For many in the travel industry, summer is also the time of year when budget drafts are due, prep work starts for the fall trade show season, buyers are eagerly searching for new product, many of us are battling to keep up with the influx of seasonal business and we're desperately hoping for the phone to ring with new business.

We looked through dozens of articles and have assembled a few of our favorite pointers to help sales & marketing professionals make the most of the summer months. 

  1. 1.If there's no work, find some. Use the slower months to get a jump start on big projects, plan out some pro-active marketing efforts and clean up your database.

  2. 2.Plan your day. Start each day with a task list. Include items that you can catch up on pretty quickly and throw in a few items that will help you achieve your strategic goals.

  3. 3.Connect with your top customers. We recently read about a company that send an ice cream truck to visit each of their top customers every summer. It's a great way to be remembered and to show your customers that you care. If you can't send ice cream, why not send lunch to their office, make a personal visit or organize a client thank you event?

  4. 4.Offer value-added propositions. The shoulder season is the best time of year to focus on building per capita revenue. Consider packages, promotions and special offers that give customers more than they were initially looking for at a value they can't resist.

  5. 5.Go Prospecting. Just like the old days, pick up the phone, hit the road, grab a membership directory and start building your opportunity pipeline with leads you can close in the coming months.

  6. 6.Improve Your Network. Update your profile and connect with industry partners, clients and vendors online. Use sites likeLinkedIn and trade association membership directories to help keep your name, product or service at top of mind.


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This article was written by Fire Starter Brands’ Stephen Ekstrom.

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