What to do when you’re completely overwhelmed

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by KATE HAMILL | Freelancers Union

It starts with a trickle. A little too much work, a few too many tasks on the to-do list. Then a big opportunity comes (can’t say no to that) and then another. Then the sink breaks. The Internet goes on the fritz. Your college friend is in town for a week and would like to stay on your couch – and can she bring her partner? Your taxes are due.

All of a sudden, you’re looking at a hollow-eyed, frizzy-eyed zombie in the mirror… and your boyfriend asks politely, um, when you might have last showered?

It never rains but it pours, you try to cheerily tell yourself… just before you fall asleep sitting at your desk, drooling onto your laptop.

Every freelancer gets overwhelmed from time to time – it’s a natural characteristic of a flexible lifestyle that vacillates unexpectedly between busy periods and dry spells. Chocolate-covered coffee beans and espresso shots may help, but how does one stay sane during the most frenetic times?

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