Get In The Comfort Zone

A good buddy of mine recently went shopping for a couch.  He visited two stores, each had similar merchandise and price points. 

At the first store, the sales rep greeted him promptly, asked about his personal style – leather or fabric, sectional or standard, sleeper or recliner, etc. – and then walked my friend around the store to a number of pieces that seemed to fit the description. At the second store, the clerk was equally as prompt and asked the same qualifying questions, but he did something different.

At the first couch he saw my friend take interest in, he sat down and encouraged my friend to join him, get comfortable and think about how this piece of furniture would feel in his apartment.

The rep at the second store was working to bring his product into the client’s comfort zone. He knew that by having my friend sit on the couch as if he were in his own living room, it would be easier for my friend to decide to buy.

Marketing and selling products to travel planners & group leaders is just like selling a couch – we’ve got to help the decision maker see our product in the context of their comfort zone.

How do we do this?

The team at Fire Starter Brands has personally visited the offices of more than 90 tour operator companies in the last 12 months. We learned that if you want the buyer to see your product on their itinerary, you’ve got to get it on their desk. The buyer needs to think about your product while in their business space. Her’s your chance to “get out & sell.”

We’ve created high-impact opportunities to help you guarantee that your message hits the mark.

Sales Missions - Hit the ground running! Fire Starter Brands introduces you to high-volume decision makers while traveling on well-planned itineraries. We set up the appointments, arrange transportation and bring you to the operators so that you can focus on making a meaningful connection. Fire Starter Brands is also well-versed in planning private sales missions to destinations world-wide for DMOs and management groups looking to reach more buyers.

Direct Mail Programs - We offer two avenues to deliver your printed collateral to our proprietary list of proven buyers. Private mailings allow you to stand out. Simply provide your print ready artwork and we’ll take care of the printing, mail house, postage and list. Our quarterly direct mail program delivers your 8.5x11” to 700 tour operators for under $300. Quarterly programs include brochure distribution, a highlight on our signature “What’s Hot” list and the incentive program for operators to ensure that they take a look at the material you provide.

A variety of outreach opportunities are available through Fire Starter Brands. For more information, click here.