You'll Pay For Your Education One Way or Another


By Stephen Ekstrom | Fire Starter Brands

My father once said to me, "You'll pay for your education one way or another." Sometimes that check is written to a university, other times it's paid for with expensive mistakes that one can learn from.

For those who are more inclined to take traditional classes, there's some great news.  Leading colleges, universities and well-respected trade associations are now offering many of their most valuable classes free and online.

The Financial Post recently ran an article titled, "16 free online business classes that are actually worth your time." In it they included programs offered by Yale, Stanford, Duke, Columbia, Wharton and others, with some programs led by Nobel Laureate recipients.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Nobel Laureate, Bob Shiller

Nobel Laureate, Bob Shiller

Yale: Financial Markets with Bob Shiller

With just 23 lectures,  lasting 75 minutes each you can expect to dedicate 6-12 hours a week. It's a formal, graded course so be prepared to understand complex financial markets.

Stanford's Entrepreneurship Through The Lens Of Venture Capital

Available through iTunesU, this program is a series of just 11 self-paced lectures and a must-have for anyone interested in launching a new business, looking to eventually take over the world.  

Wharton: An introduction to Marketing

Wharton Business School’s marketing department is consistently ranked #1 in the country, and now they’re sharing that know-how with the masses. A 9-week course features information on customer loyalty, branding, and attraction and is taught by 3 leading marketing experts. Starts on April 21, 2014, so get moving!  Best news: It's FREE!

Want to see more options for free learning this spring?  Check out Business school for freelancers: How to design your own education supported by the Freelancer's Union and OpenCulture's 150 Free Online Business Courses.

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