Sell The Untold Story



I recently read an article that highlighted a number of destinations we probably haven't heard of that are worth the visit. This got me thinking about all of the places I should be planning to visit that I otherwise wouldn't have even considered.

If you're representing a destination, attraction, museum or other tourism-friendly activity, there's probably a story laying somewhere under the surface that you haven't had a chance to tell consumers about. Considering that your venue probably attracts a group of loyal followers, this "new" story could provide an opportunity for you to tap into a different audience.

Here are a few questions that may inspire your next untold story...

  • Why was it important to the founders of your institution that they create a place where people could visit?
  • What challenges did the collectors or founders face in obtaining their most prized pieces?
  • Where were some of your artifacts before they came to your institution?
  • What does your area do better than anywhere else?
  • What's that odd local thing that people often joke about that may be a novelty to a visitor from out of town?
  • What was your experience like before, how is it different now and how did you make that change happen?
  • What was it like to spend a day in the life of the people who inspired your experience?
  • What is a typical day life for the people who currently care for your product?

Questions in mind, you can create new itineraries, guided tours, self-guided experiences and conversations that will engage, Inspire and ignite new interest in your product.

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