5 Tips To Get More From Your Giveaways

I might have a unique dilemma - I hate stuff. More specifically, I don't like clutter and try to avoid buying or owning anything I do not actively use. To others, my home or office may look empty, but, to me, everything serves a purpose. I rarely pick up swag, but when I do, it's made a meaningful impression.

That got me thinking... How can companies create better giveaways that actually inspire consumer behavior? Here are some tips.

  1. Where's it going to be used? If your customers spend most of their time at their desks, you should consider something helpful for the workspace. If you're more likely to get a call from a new client while they're traveling, why not something they can take on their trips? Do your best to connect your brand with the space in which the buyer is most likely to use your product. Screen protectors, post it notes, business card holders, note books & cell phone covers all serve their purpose. Consider thinking outside the box - recycling bins, staplers, computer mouse, etc.
  2. Avoid the garbage pail. Make your marketing dollars work for you by focusing on products that are relevant, serve a function for the user and are meaningful. Before placing your order, think about what you'd like the item to accomplish and work to ensure that each item helps you achieve this goal. Don't waste your opportunity to make an impression with an irrelevant giveaway.
  3. Make headlines with your swag. Look for giveaway items that border on controversial while still being entertaining. Consider writing "We're so great you'll want to kiss us..." on the side of mints or mouthwash. Sponsor the restrooms at a local festival and hand out travel sized rolls of toilet paper. Get people talking about what you're brand is trying to accomplish.
  4. Go digital. At a recent tech conference, one of the most popular give away items were codes that allowed attendees to order their own business cards from Moo.com. There are companies that specialize in helping make products digital through giveaways. QR codes, barcodes & online discount codes can all work to drive your customers to your website and cash in your offer.
  5. Be personal. Know your audience and be sure that your swag is part of your overall marketing strategy. Be prepared with talking points so that each of your team members can easily communicate the meaning behind the contents of your giveaway bag. And, before buying, ask yourself, "Is this something people will bring home or regift?"