7 Point Checklist For Direct Mail Success

Samples of direct mail pieces delivered by Fire Starter Brands to its network of high volume travel planners.

Samples of direct mail pieces delivered by Fire Starter Brands to its network of high volume travel planners.

By Stephen Ekstrom | President, Fire Starter Brands LLC

Good news - you're about to start a direct mail marketing campaign so where do you start?

It's always good to have a complete checklist to ensure that you're not leaving out any valuable components and that you're setting your campaign up for success. This checklist will also help your organization avoid common mistakes and some expensive complications.

The results of your efforts will show consistently great results and increate the efficacy of your efforts when using this simple 7-point checklist.

The Checklist...

Clearly define the goal that your campaign is designed to accomplish:

Should it build awareness?

Are you planning to invite potential customers to an event?

Is the goal to sell more to existing customers?

Is this piece a prompt to get customers to renew services?

Are you looking to acquire new customers? 

Have a budget...

How much do you plan on spending?

How will your piece be timed and what frequency will you utilize to improve saturation?

Pick the best format...

  • Postcards - great for quick reading audiences, special announcements & feature highlights
  • Letters - ideal for professional services and those which are behind the scenes
  • Self mailers - newsletter style, catalogs or other similar designs that can highlight multiple offerings

Use the right list...

Be sure that the mailing list is in line with your marketing objectives and that recipients meet criteria for being great prospects.

Use filter & sort criteria to define target recipients. Common tour & travel filter options may include: top destinations, areas of consumer origin, sales style - FIT, group, etc., primary office locations, membership affiliations, types of customers served - adult, meeting/incentive, student, etc. 

Utilize relevant & attractive content...

Ensure that photos or images feature people having fun in comfortable clothing.

Be sure that text is legible and concise.

Present features & benefits in terms that are relevant to the buyer. Talk about how the consumer will experience the product more than you talk about the product features that may the experience possible.

Include a compelling offer and clear call to action...

Does the call to act capture the attention of the targeted audience?

Does the offer present a value that the prospect might actually care about?

Are the next steps clear, simple and easy to follow? Call xxx-xxxx. Visit us online. 

Pick the right print partner...

Be sure your printing partner has access to not only the printing equipment but storage, addressing & mailing services. If you don't have your own postal indicia, be sure that your printer can provide one for you.