12+ Brilliant Things Hotels Have Done to WOW Guests

12+ Brilliant Things Hotels Have Done to WOW Guests

I’ve spent hundreds of nights in hotels over the last few years and know exactly what to expect during each stay. However, there are hotels in the world that have found fun ways to amaze their guests: some rent goldfish so you don’t have to be alone, some of them have amazingly designed showers, and even let you know they’ve cleaned spots most wouldn’t even think of.

We’ve collected more than a dozen brilliant things hotels have done that are so cool and unusual that their guests decided to share what they saw with other people.

1. “At my hotel you don’t need to go into the shower to turn it on.”

2. “My hotel room has a rope that turns on and off all the lights in the room.”

3. “The hotel I stayed at had fresh remotes.”

4. “My hotel has a free cellphone you can take with you around town during your stay.”

5. “What are you gonna say now, 5-star hotels?”

6. This hotel checklist reminds you to steal the toiletries.

7. “The bedside lamp at my hotel in Japan can be half-lit.”

8. “The hotel I’m staying at in Brazil has a remote that comes with an immediate soccer-watching button.”

9. “The TV in our hotel room has easily accessible HDMI and USB sockets.”

10. “This little sign under the bed in my hotel room lets you know that they’ve cleaned under there too.”

11. “The hotel I’m staying at has a separate towel to take off makeup.”

12. “This robot delivered a roll of toilet paper to my hotel room in Cupertino.”

13. “I found a Stargate in my hotel.”

14. “This hotel has an elevator button in the hallway so there is an elevator waiting for you by time you get there.”

15. “My hotel in Zürich provides rubber duckies along with tiny shampoos.”

16. This hotel in Europe offers to rent a pet fish to single travelers.

Have you been wowed by something you saw at a hotel?? Share your stories in the comment section below!

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