5 Steps to Get Better Reviews Online

Online reviews have become incredibly important to building business, especially from tourist markets where visitors don’t have the benefit of local friends who can recommend places to visit, things to do and where to eat. It’s become so important that we built an online course to help hospitality partners get better (and more) reviews online at the sites future customers are using to decide where they’ll spend their money.

About the course…

First, you’re going to get the keys to building business by owning your online reviews. We’re going to talk about how reviews can increase your online visibility, revenue, business evolution and enhance the customer experience. 

From there, we’re going to show you how to avoid some costly mistakes and what you need to set up a business profile that gets more views. Then, you’ll learn how to play the game better by knowing the basic guidelines and how to minimize the impact of negative reviews. You’ll learn how to make it easier for customers to leave reviews and we’re going to set you up with some tools to help monitor your reviews across multiple sites simultaneously. 

By the end of this course, you'll be able to start improving your online ratings and attracting more customers. And, you'll feel confident that you're creating something incredible that your customers will be excited to buy. We’ll also give you a course work book that you can download and keep handy when you get yourself started. If you're intimidated by mastering your online reviews—don't be! We're breaking it all down into easy, digestible steps.

Chances are, you already have some ideas brewing to improve your reviews. In case you're stumped, here's how to get a clear picture of how you want to get started. Your reviews will be a combination of praise, positive interaction with visitors and insight on where you can improve your service, product and delivery.

But before you get into those details, think about why you want to get better reviews. Why do you want to tackle this challenge?

  • Could it be to make more money?

  • To drive more visitors to your business or sneak ahead of your competition?

  • To increase your online visibility?

  • Or maybe you are a freelancer or consultant, and you can't meet the demand from some of your clients?

  • Maybe you're sick of seeing the same type of reviews over and over again, and you want to get better feedback.

The list goes on. Whatever that reason is, you need to be sure of your WHY before you start thinking about building better reviews. You need to be clear on your goals if you want to work on generating more reviews that will help you meet them.

About the Author…

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Stephen Ekstrom is a well-recognized tourism marketing expert whose influence reaches millions of travelers every year. He's been profiled by the New York Times and appeared on CBS, NBC and NY1. He is a fixture in the travel trade and has served as a board member, expert panelist, committee chair, mentor and program facilitator. Fire Starter Brands, founded by Ekstrom in 2010, manages a network of over 6,000 opted-in global travel trade buyers, advising, teaching and assisting smart travel industry suppliers and destination marketers. Stephen currently lives in South Florida with his two dogs, Match & Rudy. 

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