6 Hot Summer Marketing Tips


Summer is here, bringing great opportunities to give your marketing strategy a boost and use a seasonal hook to promote your business. Seasonal campaigns are a good way to keep your customers engaged in the year’s hottest months. Need inspiration? Try a few of these marketing tactics:

1. Hit the holidays:

Fourth of July, Labor Day, Back to School — these are all perfect occasions to promote your business. Try digital and direct mail marketing to quickly and easily send customers themed messages for any sale, promotion, or event you’re doing around these holidays.

2. Follow the Weather (and local happenings):

Be on the lookout for opportunities to leverage what’s going on locally to promote your business. Social media and sidewalk signage work particularly well for this if you’re a popular tourist destination. This would be another good opportunity for an email campaign to help you quickly capitalize on extra-hot days. (“It’s going to be 90 today – 2 for 1 Water Park tickets!”)

3. Don’t Forget the Locals

Staycations are becoming increasingly popular and for your customers who will be keeping it local this summer, why not make it your job to ensure they have the best staycation ever? Giving discounts to those in a certain local distance is a great way to show your local customer base you care. Another idea? Give the locals a special treat just for being there; Free

4. Offer Summer Gift Cards

Especially if you have summer sales spikes, gift cards are a great way to bring in even more customers. It doesn’t matter whether you own a big corporation or a small business. A summer gift card is an easy way to get more customers flowing in through the front door!

5. Launch a Vacation Photo Contest on Social Media

People love taking vacations during the summer. They pick a sunny destination, pack their bags and go for a long drive. A lot of photographs will be clicked during these vacations. Why don't you launch a contest on your social media page requesting followers to share their best vacation photographs? Keep a lengthy deadline to ensure you receive a lot of entries. Scan through the entries to pick the best photograph. Make sure you announce and distribute prizes to the rightful winners. This contest will bring your brand a lot of goodwill and visibility, ensuring that your marketing initiative is a success without spending heavily.

6. Host an Event

Host an event at your business. Whether it’s an author’s book signing, an artist displaying works on your business’s walls or a cooking lesson at your restaurant, events are a great way to attract new customers. Promoting your event locally as well as on social media and other digital campaigns can help boost the attendance.

It’s Summertime, the livin’ is easy—help your customer relax and enjoy what your business has to offer. But you should get to relax a little, too! Why not let Fire Starter Brands handle a few things? With our innovative workshops and decades of consulting experience, we help organizations build better product, improve local partnerships and produce effective digital, print & face-to-face campaigns that help high volume buyers inspire more visitors.

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Misty Kjellman is a wife, mother, and incredibly talented Super Mario player living in South Florida. She regularly can be found moving laundry from the washing machine to the dryer, filling orders for chicken nuggets, and rocking out to 90s Alternative in her cargo shorts. She hates long walks on the beach (not a fan of sand), doesn’t like being caught in the rain (wet socks = blistered feet), and isn’t really a fan on pina coladas (not really a fan of coconut, period). Oh, she also has a degree in a totally unrelated subject matter to her current field of work as is common with most Millennials.