Target Better Email Responses With This Mind-Set Shift |

Target Better Email Responses With This Mind-Set Shift |

Do you send more than a few dozen emails every day? Do you want to be more productive and save up to an hour a day? Recognize exactly what other people’s email in-box really is: a list of nouns.

Specifically, everyone you send messages to has an in-box that only tells them a few things and these two pieces of information are mission critical:

Why Consultative Selling Doesn't Work

Forget becoming a trusted adviser. Customers want a manager not a consultant.

For decades, sales pundits have been advising companies to practice a "consultative" style of selling. It was bad advice then and it's bad advice now.

The idea behind consultative selling is simple. Rather than acting like a salesperson (i.e. making sales pitches), you strive to become the customer's "trusted adviser," just like a management consultant who's hired to help solve problems.