A Guide to Creating An Amazing Profile Sheet

Whether you'll be attending the one of the travel industry conference or you're hitting the road on a Fire Starter Brands sales mission, the profile sheet will be one of your most valuable collateral assets.

Now you can use our 20+ years of experience, feedback from trade buyers and includes helpful hints, a simple checklist and core elements of a profile sheet to help industry suppliers, destination marketers and product providers ignite more interest in their offerings. 

tourism profile sheet template design specs

With your free download, you’ll learn:

  • What buyers are looking for on a profile sheet

  • How to choose the right images

  • Guides to develop compelling content

  • What makes a great call to act

  • Design Check List

This is a great tool to share with:

  • Industry Peers

  • Future Investors

  • Local Partners

  • New Employees

  • Trade Show First Timers

  • Members of your CVB

  • Important Stakeholders

Download these great pointers and check out our workshop and training programs so you can be well-equipped to maximize your travel & tourism business.

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