eBook - Fundamentals of Training


eBook - Fundamentals of Training


Effective training helps organizations, teams and individuals do things better, faster, easier and with a higher quality.

Training is catalyst for change.

Fire Starter Brands’ experts take an in-depth look at the role effective training has in developing amazing companies, exceptional employees and admirable accomplishments.

This book introduces readers to the most effective training & educational formats, how to motivate trainee participation and what competencies can be elevated with effective training techniques.

With your free download, you’ll learn:

  • How to decide what type of training you need

  • What gaps can be addressed through effective training

  • The benefits of a solid training strategy

  • Five great tips to engage stakeholders

  • How to make a lasting impact

This is a great tool to share with:

  • Industry Peers

  • Meeting & Event Planners

  • Local Partners

  • Department Heads

  • Education Committees

  • Members of your CVB

  • Important Stakeholders

Download this great resource and check out our workshop and training programs so you can be well-equipped to maximize your travel & tourism business.

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