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Stephen Ekstrom

Stephen Ekstrom

Stephen Ekstrom, Founder

Stephen is one of the tourism industry's most influential leaders. He's served two terms on the Student Youth Travel Association’s (SYTA) Board of Directors, a committee member for the American Bus Association (ABA), panelist, speaker and a long-standing participant in travel industry associations worldwide. Read more…

sheena works training expert workshops.jpeg

Sheena Works

Joining us from California, Sheena drives our training and development programs - workshops, webinars and onsite learning activities. In her role with one of the tech industry's biggest and fastest growing companies, Sheena led a diverse learning and development team, creating and implementing programs to drive sales, build passion and encourage personal growth among team members. Read more…

bobbi fiorentino tourism representation travel sales marketing

Bobbi Fiorentino

You’ll be hard pressed to find a person as passionate about travel, hospitality and business development as Bobbi. For nearly 20 years, Bobbi’s work has been solving operational challenges and driving revenue for well-recognized brands.

Bobbi’s amazing background includes her start at the Hilton call center, sales and marketing roles with both independent properties and regional hotel management companies. Read more…

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Gerry Hartman

Many of our travel industry friends will recognize Gerry, her smile and, most definitely, her laugh from years of experience producing amazing tour programs for Delaware Express and from her active participation in tourism industry associations like ABA, the American Bus Association. Read more…

Misty Kjellman

Misty Kjellman

Misty is great at multitasking the variable of responsibilities thrown in her direction. 

Her open-world attitude helps drive her towards creating content that is satisfying to many different markets. She spent the entirety of her childhood and teen years moving all over the continental United States (as well as vacationing with her family in Canada and Mexico extensively). Read more…




More than just a company mascot, Match is also responsible for reminding members of our team to take time to rest well, to find joy in life's most mundane tasks, to approach each project with an eagerness and happiness that compares to his pursuit of tennis balls, squeaky toys and backyard lizards. 

Match was rescued in 2011 from New York City's Animal Care & Control shelter. He has logged more airline miles than most people, traveling frequently with Fire Starter Brands founder, Stephen Ekstrom. 

He's fiercely loyal and an avid runner who enjoys fresh carrots, apples & chicken treats.

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